Yachats Winter Retreat 2015 Large Print

Yachats Winter Retreat 2015 Large Print




Introduction to the Multiverse – or – All the Ways You Are Are Yoga

A Weekend of Yoga in Coastal Yachats

January 17 – 19, 2015

You read it right – Yachats Winter retreat!

Our Labor Day weekends in Yachats have become something l look forward to each year, as do a several repeat retreaters. We were sad to forgo our pilgrimage last September! And so this year, we are heading to the coast in January.

I cannot tell you how excited I am. The Oregon coast is teaming with beauty in the winter. I’ve heard stories of magical storm watching over the ocean, agate hunting on the beach, and tide pools rich with sea life. We sometimes spot grey whales from the yoga room during our Labor Day visits, and the migration patterns suggest we may see them in January as well. A magical place to do yoga with magical people.

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About this retreat:

“For every way you are, there’s a deity for that in the Yoga tradition.”

It’s why the study of Myth can be such a powerful tool for empowerment through self understanding and yes, self love. In Yachats this winter, we’ll be looking at the colorful Dasamahavidyas, or Ten Wisdoms. In order to conjure the spirit of this rich and empowering topic, I was considering using a subtitle that read something like – “Celebrating the Myriad Meaningful Manifestations of Existence as All the Ways You Are.” A little too wordy, I agree, but meaningful, because the Wisdoms, among the most widely loved dieties in India, represent the limitless but specific possibilities that life on this earth offers each one of us.

We’ll try their contours on for size through Asana, image and story, basic mantra and mudra work, and perhaps some journaling and contemplation. In short, through immersing ourselves in the conscious “being” practice we call Yoga.

You will leave with a deeper understanding of your body and your yoga, and how that fits in to the rest of your life, even the rest of the world. All levels of practitioner are welcome at this retreat.


The Retreat will run from Saturday afternoon to Monday afternoon, , January 17 to 19, 2015.

Approximate schedule:

Sat 3:30 – 6:00pm asana
Sun 8am Optional Oceanside Meditation (weather permitting) 10am to 12:30pm asana, 3:30 to 6:00pm asana
Mon 8am Optional Oceanside Meditation (weather permitting) 10 am to 1pm asana

Yoga and Meditation instruction – $175 – Visit The Yachats Inn to book your room.

About Alison:

You are an amazing teacher, the class was soooo great. …The retreat had a profound impact on both of us. The practice was so nice and we learned so much… I cant really explain how wonderful it was, my body feels great, my nerves are more settled, and my mind is more clear… We are planning to attend next year as well if the retreat continues.” 

Your classes are always profound. I was amazed by how fast time still ran by, even in a 2.5 hour session. I really, really felt the depth of the organic extension, energetic & muscular energy dimensions – both physically and as it related to being in general. How incredible to really feel who I am, what I feel like – from the insides of my bones to the edge of skin on the tip of my toes. You’re a blessing, Alison.”

Alison Alstrom teaches a style of alignment based hatha flow that never forgets that our primary work on the mat is alignment of the heart. She is passionate about guiding students of all levels to line up with their core values, desires, preferences and potential, and to move with integrity into a life that supports the blossoming of their truest selves.

You can read more about Alison and her teaching here.



About the Yachats Inn:

I love the feel of the historic Yachats Inn, and walking just a few yards to morning practice is an intrinsic part of the retreat experience for many students. Holding the retreat at the Yachats Inn rather than a retreat center as such, invites a little more autonomy and reflection time without completely disengaging from the world at large. What’s more, the Inn is located right on the coast – this picture is the view from one of the rooms in the original south wing!

yachats inn view copy

Lodging at the inn can run anywhere from $45 a night for sharing a room to $125 for a suite of your own. I would encourage you to visit the website and explore the many options – There is a modern wing, sleek in design, and an “original” wing, which has a decidedly vintage quality, complete with original furnishings. Some have fireplaces. The original rooms accept pets.

Visit the Yachats Inn website to book your room, or for more information.

All levels of practitioner are welcome at this retreat.

And as always, please feel free to contact me with any questions. Hope to see you there!

A Celebration of the Multiverse – A Weekend of Yoga in Yachats, Oregon – $175

Or contact me for a mailing address if you’d prefer to pay by check. And write to me with any questions, anytime!

This retreat is a part of the ongoing Myths & Methods series.