Myths & Methods (large print)

Myths & Methods (large print)

Myths & Methods


Myths & Methods was born on Thursday nights at the little Church on NE 23rd and Sumner, and moved into the People’s Yoga NE small studio a couple of years ago. As much as anything, this class is an ongoing conversation with an always shifting and growing community of curious, dedicated yoga students.

Still going on Thursdays, and now held in workshop format in venues in and around Portland, Oregon, the classes in the Myths & Methods series are progressively sequenced, bio mechanically insightful asana sessions illuminated by the story and iconography of Yoga’s rich mythological tradition. Participants in these sessions learn skills and strategies to fine tune their asana practice, while being guided to explore the many layers of their human experience.

The word Yoga can be been translated as “engagement” or “coming together.” Myths & Methods classes invite you to think of your yoga practice as a way in to the inter-connectedness of the mysterious and evocative with the day to day.

Any of the topics in the Myths & Methods series can be reformatted into a workshop or workshop series. Please contact me to inquire about presenting Myths & Methods at your studio.

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