Meditations on the Moon

Meditations on the Moon

Meditations on the Moon


An introduction-in-asana to the Esoteric Teachings of the Tantric Moon-phase Goddesses

 (This event is past)

8 Thursdays, beginning August 14th, @ The people’s Yoga Second NE Studio

For every way that you are, there’s a diety for that in the Yoga tradition. Yoga’s Gods and Goddesses are archetypal characters that serve as gateways into your ability to better know, understand, and honor yourself. The insights gained through their contemplation are invaluable tools to aid you as you unfold your potential into the world.

The 16 moon phase Goddesses, or Nitya-kala-devi, are 16 ways to ask yourself what you want. What you deeply, authentically desire. For eight Thursdays, we will get to know them through asana, story and image. Join us to get at the heart of your heart.

Strong practice. Alignment rich. Take home practices will be provided for those who wish to go deeper.

At the NE second studio – 4940 NE 16th @ Alberta

This workshop is a part of the ongoing Myths & Methods series.

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