2016 Immersion and Integration Intensive

2016 Immersion and Integration Intensive

The Art of Living Skillfully, the Skill of Living Artfully

2016 Immersion and Integration Intensive


With Alison Alstrom
Weekends, October – December 2016, at The People’s Yoga

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Course Overview

The Loom Yoga Immersion and Integration Intensive 2016 is a one hundred hour program covering:

• comprehensive examination of alignment in asana
• the basics of pranayama, meditation, mantra, and mudra
• the foundations for personal ritual building
• a deep and winding journey through the rich mythology of the Yoga tradition

We will follow the mythical thread of Siva Nataraja, a tale central to numerous traditions, and meet a few other key players in the vast body of Hindu myth. Though text, story, image, and practice, we will examine Yoga as a way of access to and engagement with our intrinsic gifts.

This course is appropriate for serious students of any level, as well as teachers and would be teachers, under the premise that each participant brings to the group the richness that only their perspective, their urge to grow, and their way of being in the world can offer. Independent study projects may be assigned for further inquiry on a student by student basis, to be completed and shared at your discretion.

The Immersion and Integration Intensive stands alone as a deepening of your commitment to your personal growth and a refining of your unique gifts, and also serves as a prerequisite for both our basic and advanced yoga teacher training programs. For those on a teacher track, completion of assigned projects will be required.


Reviewing assists at Peninsula Park, Teacher Training 2014


Student Testimonials:


“Nearly 5 years ago I had the opportunity to immerse myself in Alison’s beautiful teachings. At the time I already had a Teacher Training under my belt and had been teaching yoga for several years, but I felt like something in my teachings was missing. I approached the Immersion with a Beginner’s mind and I learned so much about myself and yoga that year. My yoga practice and teachings improved exponentially because of the Immersion and Teacher Training. If you have the opportunity to learn from Alison, please do yourself a huge favor and sign up for this. It will transform your life.”

– Beth Williams, Yoga Teacher and Founder – Harmony Yoga, Newport, Or

 The Loom School training with Alison Alstrom was the teacher training I’d always hoped for! Not only did it give me a thorough training in how to instruct yoga in a safe and intelligent manner, but it also deepened my own yoga practice far beyond my expectations! At the end of the training I felt confident and prepared to begin my journey as a teacher as well as continue on as a student.

The length of the training gave me enough time to genuinely integrate the heaps of information that was taught. It was also because of the length that the community built around our training felt so supportive and lasting and has continued beyond the training as we begin our own teaching careers.

The training wove rich tapestries of meaning to my own practice as well as to my role as a teacher. My understanding of Hindu myth and literature, of anatomy and alignment-based practice, and of how to cultivate my own inner teacher were all deepened exponentially. These qualities were then united into one practice with the help of Alison. She taught us how to guide people through the physical asana practice of yoga while at the same time making space for inquiry into all the other elements that yoga has to offer.

Alison teaches not only with her content, but also by example. She lives the things she teaches and is an honest and genuine leader who pushes and challenges her students even as she respects and encourages them.

As I begin to share my love of yoga with others, I am regularly reminded how much I learned during the training, and I feel grateful for having been taught so thoughtfully and lovingly so that I may now teach with equal amounts of integrity and love.

– Linnea Solveig, Artist, Yoga Teacher

Alison and Linnea in the rose garden

Alison and Linnea discussing forward bend assists at Penisula Park – 2014 Teacher Training

* You can take class with Linnea on Sunday nights at The People’s Yoga SE



 Doing the immersion has been the best way to deepen my practice. I’ve done it twice now and will almost certainly do the immersion again sometime. It’s such a joy to practice with a committed, thoughtful and lively group over time. While I might go on to the teacher training part someday, I know I’ll keep returning to the immersion experience just for the heart of my own practice. The immersion helped me build a home practice and has led to lasting yogi friendships.

– Faith  Danforth, yoga practitioner 


When, Where and How Much

The 2016 I&I will be held in the second studio at People’s Yoga Northeast, located at the corner NE 30th an Killingsworth streets.

We will meet five weekends from October to December:

 Sept 30 – Oct 2
Oct 14 – 16
Oct 28 – 30
Nov 11 – 13
Dec 2 – 4

Fridays, 6 – 9 pm
Saturdays, 10 am  – 6 pm
& Sundays, Noon to 6pm

Please see The People’s Yoga for enrollment details.

I hope you can join us!

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